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The Electromagnet


Demonstrate the power of design of experiments and electromagnetic induction! Electromagnets are fundamental to the operation of a great number of machines. They are used to store signals in tape recorders, video recorders, and computer disk drives.  They are also used to produce sound in bells, buzzers, loudspeakers, and telephones, and to deflect electron beams in television cameras. The DOE Electromagnet allows for the use of up to four control factors. Full or fractional factorial designs can be readily demonstrated with this device. The kit includes: DOE Electromagnet, directions for set-up and operation, and two previously conducted designed experiments with statistical and graphical analysis.

Price: $225 plus Shipping
Discounts given for multiple orders and university orders. Call 1-800-788-4363 for discounts.

  • Each Electromagnet comes with a 1 year replacement policy. If any parts break due to normal wear and tear, just let us know and we will replace the parts free of charge.
  • Each Electromagnet comes with a detailed guide that includes instructions for assembly as well as a very detailed, in-depth case study.
  • Each purchase comes with a 15 day trial of DOE Wisdom software.
  • Not sure how to best apply the Electromagnet to your training? Call us. All Electromagnet purchasers are welcome to call us anytime to discuss what types of training would be most effective for their specific challenges.

Click here to download an Electromagnet case study as well as other free training tools


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