The Galilean Incline


The Galilean Incline is a valuable and handy training device for people learning about Design of Experiments, Six Sigma, and Problem Solving techniques. The device is easily transported and lends itself to quick, thought-provoking experiments. After setting up an appropriate experimental array, student's data analysis will be able to identify significant linear and quadratic effects, interactions, and even variance reduction factors!

As with any experiment, precise and consistent experimental techniques are required to obtain reliable data. Results from a multiple variable, multiple level designed experiment can be obtained relatively quickly (20 to 40 minutes depending upon the team).

Price: $225
Additional Discounts given for orders of 3 or more and university orders. Call 1-719-282-1143 for discounts.

  • Each Galilean Incline comes with a 1 year replacement policy. If any parts break due to normal wear and tear, just let us know and we will replace the parts free of charge.
  • Each Galilean Incline comes with a detailed guide that includes instructions for assembly as well as a very detailed, in-depth case study.
  • Each purchase comes with a 45 day trial of DOE Wisdom software.
  • Each Galilean Incline comes with a large wooden ball, a large steel ball, and a small steel ball.
  • Each Galilean Incline comes with a package of carbon paper to help locate exactly where the ball drops.
  • Not sure how to best apply your Galilean Incline to your training? Call us. All Galilean Incline purchasers are welcome to call us anytime to discuss what types of training would be most effective for their specific challenges.

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