Six Sigma

What is "Six Sigma"?
Six Sigma is a system of methodologies that allows companies to be more profitable by improving processes to reduce errors, increase yields, minimize expenses and increase customer satisfaction. It can be applied to processes in all areas of a company - from paperwork to manufacturing to design. Rather than just finding and eliminating errors, Six Sigma methodologies seek to develop processes in such a way to prevent errors from occurring in the first place.

Many of the early examples of Six Sigma were from manufacturing, but more recently the techniques have been applied to numerous other areas of business.  The following link is an excellent example of how Six Sigma could be applied to a call center.  It was created by a good friend of ours, David Hallowell.

Six Sigma tutorial for an IT Call Center - Coming Soon

The overall philosophy of Six Sigma is that there is a directly proportional relationship between problems with the product and levels of customer satisfaction. Implementation of Six Sigma methodologies provides the means to achieve product excellence.

What are the benefits?
Initially Six Sigma methodologies were used predominantly in manufacturing areas with benefits of reduced waste, higher yield, better throughput, and reduced lead times. As the methodologies were utilized in other areas of companies, additional benefits were realized such as:

        reduced design time for the next generation product
        leapfrog advances over the competition
        accurate and efficient customer transactions
        efficiency gains in internal operations

At the level of Six Sigma, products are designed to be nearly perfect. Most companies are nowhere near a Six Sigma level of performance (four sigma is considered as a typical average). At a four sigma level of performance, organizations are producing approximately 6200 defects per million opportunities.

Our consultants have experience leading initiatives in the following fields of Six Sigma:
Design for Six Sigma(DFSS) Green Belt and Black Belt
DMAIC Green Belt and Black Belt
Transactional Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma
Six Sigma Yellow Belt for Call Centers

We would love to talk to you about an In-house initiative in any of the above fields.

We currently offer public courses on the following Six Sigma topics:
Design for Six Sigma - Black Belt Certification

Launsby consultants have led thousands of applications of the tools of Six Sigma. The fundamental approach we take in our seminars is to provide practical, hands-on training of the tools while pointing out key issues relative to implementation success.



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