Design for Six Sigma - Black Belt Certification
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Learn tools, techniques, and proven implementation strategies for Design for Six Sigma while obtaining your DFSS Black Belt. 

What is Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is a revolutionary methodology for new product and service development.  DFSS starts with a careful examination of market requirements, then translating these requirements effectively into product technical requirements.  DFSS drives the team to achieve a clear focus on those requirements that will truly make a difference in the marketplace.  Once “critical to the customer” requirements have been identified, they are driven to successively lower levels.  Linkage from each requirement level is obtained through the use of transfer functions.  Simultaneously, capability data is ascertained at each design level.  The linkage of requirements and capability data allows the team to predict design quality before launch.  Predictable quality produces timely, glitch-free new product launches.

What is a DFSS Black Belt?

DFSS black belts become experts in the application of powerful tools used to support enhanced decision making in your design process. 

Who should be considered for training?

Successful candidates have a balance of important skills.  A fundamental understanding of your product technologies is essential.  Additionally, effective communication skills are key.  Candidates must also have a strong desire to try new approaches.  Blending the above skills with our state-of-the-art training will provide your organization with DFSS black belts who have the ability to take product design within your organizations to an important new level.

Why learn from Launsby?

Launsby Consulting has been actively involved with Design for Six Sigma initiatives since 1998, leading initiatives at numerous locations. 

The sessions are divided into two four-day sessions with four to six weeks between sessions.  During the first week, attendees learn powerful decision tools and winning strategies for implementation.  Between sessions, attendees are tasked to apply strategies and tools to actual work related scenarios. 

Requirements for certification

  1. Pass formal tests at the completion of first and second session
  2. Demonstrate actual application of tools taught in sessions
  3. Develop a DFSS implementation strategy for their organization

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