The Mini "Warwolf" Trebuchet


During the summer of 2000, PBS featured the re-creation of one of the most monstrous trebuchets ever built (named "Warwolf" by its creators.) Trebuchets were the ultimate super weapons of destruction during the 12th and 13th centuries. Based upon the above and other efforts, we are pleased to offer a miniature version of "Warwolf" for use in the classroom. This device is a wonderful hands-on tool for training in problem solving, designed experiments, and six sigma black belt training. "Warwolf" serves as an excellent follow-up to the catapult. Because of the complexity and inherent non-linearity of this device, it serves as an excellent challenge for those who wish to go beyond the relative simplicity of the catapult. The trebuchet includes detailed instructions of the use and setup of this exciting device.

Price: $295 plus Shipping
Discounts given for multiple orders and university orders. Call 1-719-332-0600 for discounts.

  • Each Trebuchet comes with a 1 year replacement policy. If any parts break due to normal wear and tear, just let us know and we will replace the parts free of charge.
  • Each Trebuchet comes with a detailed guide that includes instructions for assembly as well as a very detailed, in-depth case study.
  • Each purchase comes with a 45 day trial of DOE Wisdom software.
  • Each Trebuchet comes with 3 weights that can be added or subtracted to vary factors
  • Not sure how to best apply your Trebuchet to your training? Call us. All Trebuchet purchasers are welcome to call us anytime to discuss what types of training would be most effective for their specific challenges.

Show video of the Trebuchet firing

Show example of Robustness DOE using the Trebuchet


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