DOE Wisdom

Wisdom Features

This easy-to-use software package is WindowsTM and NT compatible. Wisdom supports Screening, Robust, Modeling, D-Optimal, and User Defined Designs with Taguchi and Classical Design types.

The Desirability Function allows you to give a different weight to each response.

The Hit a Target Feature allows you to type in your desired response target value and the software will automatically give the factor settings required to hit that target.

The DOE Wizard will advise you on setup and analysis of your experiments. This powerful tool will automatically generate a final report that summarizes your entire experiment.

DOE Wisdom will save you time and money by increasing your design efficiency and productivity. Impress management with its powerful analysis and graphical capabilities. Analyzing data has never been this easy!

DOE Wisdom Design Window

Some of Wisdom's powerful statistical and graphical analysis include:

Pareto Charts Main Effects Plots
Scatter Plots Interaction Plots
Contour Plots Response Surface Plots
ANOM Prediction Equations
ANOVA Desirability Function
Hit a Target Taguchi S/N Ratios

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